The Catholic Rubens

The Catholic painter Peter Paul Rubens presents a particular challenge to classification—decorative, theatrical, busy, pagan, and only superficially Christian.

The People's Republic of Amnesia

Chinese leadership sought to erase memory of the 1989 Tiananmen massacre entirely from the public, and they were highly successful. How? Four things.

Born from the Gaze of God

Written before he and seven fellow monks were kidnapped and beheaded in 1996, this personal journal reflects story of Algeria in crisis and courageous spirituality.

The Charms of the Conqueror

Updike: Antithesis to today’s literary culture. Serenity, not struggle, his hallmark; praise, not pungency, his métier. And not one hour of writer's block.

Heirs to Forgotten Kingdoms

Ancient religions that have survived centuries are often the most persecuted: Mandaeans, Yazidis, Zoroastrians, Druze, Samaritans, Copts, and the Kalasha.

Now Timeless

Revisiting Arthur Miller's crucible, Irving Finkel's ark before Noah, Karl Ove Knausgaard's pre-Flood Norwegian forest, and meeting Lampedusa's siren.

The Certainty of Others

Compelling visions of what it means to live, eat, and pray now from Ben Lerner, Dan Barber, Louise Gluck, N.T. Wright, and Roy M. Anker.

Old Souls and Youthful Writers

Rereading your old favorite books can be revealing—and so can walking, drinking, God, and church history.

American Dreams of Escape

Dinaw Mengestu's novel considers what it is to walk around in an America that holds no promise for you, while Matt Fraction elevates the comic book to new heights.

Read With Care

A feisty novel, a formidable tome, and the latest from "a scholar of history who can really write"—there is a great deal to be learned.

Echoes of the Cold War

Readers interested in Russia and Ukraine, CIA analysts and Soviets, Doctor Zhivago censorship, and more will enjoy these fascinating histories of the Cold War.

Invisible Man

Politicians and pundits regularly misapply Smith’s most famous metaphor, turning the “invisible hand” into an embodiment of the virtues of an unfettered market.
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