Book Reviews

Edward St. Aubyn's 'Lost for Words'

With humor at the fore, 'Lost for Words' seems to arrive as a self-imposed respite from investigating the traumas of St. Aubyn's autobiographical Patrick Melrose.

'An Anxious Age'

The collapse of establishment Protestantism as the American civil religion, Bottum asserts, has left a deep void that sends ripples of unease through the culture.

Poetry From Stephen Burt & Vijay Seshadri

All of us have our own imaginative lives that affect and are affected by our exterior worlds. The poet is someone who finds a language that expresses this truth.

Body and Soul

In his preface, former New Republic editor Andrew Sullivan says that he had intended to write  a ...

Blessed Are the Rich

Blessed are the poor, for they shall enjoy the fruits of free enterprise if only governments will get out of the way.

One Oops From Armageddon

A frightening, journalistic take on nuclear-weapon history and mishap, and a frightening, philosophical critique of the existential dilemma of nuclear weapons.

Family Values

Fest’s absorbing memoir is an unprecedented attempt to take American audiences deep into Hitler’s Germany from the point of view of Germans who rejected Hitler.

God Bless Americanism

A book on four U.S. clerics who were involved in an early-twentieth-century theological controversy that sent Catholic intellectuals scrambling for cover.

Mission Applaudable?

To mark the three-hundredth anniversary of the birth of Padre Junípero Serra, two new critical biographies of the pioneering California missionary.

More Than a Nice Story

James Martin, SJ, wants to look at Jesus through the lens of his own education, prayer, and experience on pilgrimage in the Holy Land.

Defensive Secretary

Gates saw himself as a manager working to get things done. But managerial skills used in the service of getting the wrong things done is of little help to anybody.

Doubting Thomas

There are three key doctrines where Aquinas’s arguments lead to perplexing conclusions: immortality, creation, and the nature of God as both one and triune.