Book Reviews

Who Decides?

Yuval Levin reconstructs the conflict over Edmund Burke’s angry 'Reflections on the Revolution in France' and Thomas Paine’s incandescent reply, 'The Rights of Man.'

Roth at Rest

Pierpont presents a picture of Philip Roth’s works that contains necessary qualifications: there is no dutiful approval of every word the master has written.

The Bloody Details

Four books on the failures of moral imagination and political will, spread across the political landscape, that doomed Europe to decades of totalitarian terror.

Goodbye to All That

By 1982, although nominally still a Democrat, Michael Novak had become an enthusiast for Reaganomics and for every Republican administration to follow.

Forgive Him, Father

'The Dark Box' is so suffused with anger that its author, for all his intelligence, is seldom capable of balanced historical analysis.

Out of One, Many?

The Protestant Establishment once dominated American politics and intellectual life. Then, in the course of a decade or two, its authority collapsed.

Unwarranted Certainty

An increasing number of cosmologists now believe in the existence of a multiverse. It’s a thrilling prospect; but does a multiverse really exist?

The Shape of Evil

With her ambitious second novel, Paula Huston jumps into the territory where politics and religion meet, and she's equipped with a wide-angle lens.

Fiction in Fragments

Renata Adler's 'Speedboat' and 'Pitch Dark,' finally reissued, are almost impossible to describe in conventional novelistic terms.

Absurd Reality

Imre Kertész is a concentration-camp survivor who keeps a distance from the slogans that remind us “never again.” His novels and short stories spell out these views.

A Nonprophetic Ministry

Hansen includes a diverse collection of denominational affiliations and explores some of the most compelling conundrums confronting today’s military chaplaincy.

Reluctant Revolutionaries

John Dickinson and Joseph Galloway receive long-overdue attention in this splendid history of the First and Second Continental Congresses.