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The Art of Resistance

The critic and novelist John Berger argues that “the future has been downsized”—restricted to the mercenary parameters of finance capital and digital technocracy.

'Dave Hill Doesn't Live Here Anymore'

A straight-faced boyish humor and oblique Midwestern sentiment pervade these twenty short pieces by writer-slash-comedian-slash-rock-star Dave Hill.
President Obama at the Catholic-Evangelical Leadership Summit on Overcoming Poverty at Georgetown University, May 2015

'Inequality: What Can Be Done?'

In his new book 'Inequality,' Anthony B. Atkinson argues that we can’t reduce inequality by fiscal policy alone. We must also change how incomes are generated.
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'The Illuminations'

In 'The Illuminations', Andrew O’Hagan uses his gifts to get beneath the surface of two lives estranged from their own past.
He did not go gentle: Dylan Thomas

'The Violet Hour: Great Writers at the End'

Katie Roiphe’s new book takes up the question of how six writers especially well versed in death and dying dealt with their own impending deaths.

'Battling the Gods'

The most debilitating conceptual limitation in Whitmarsh’s story is an unawareness of what “theism” is—or, how “classical theism" differs from polytheistic myth.

'Waiting for the Past'

Les Murray's new collection proves that there isn’t a thing that Murray can’t do—and do better than almost any other living poet.

Choosing the Better Part

In Robin Lane Fox's biography of St. Augustine, Augustine doesn’t convert to Christianity; he converts to whatever you get when you put aside worldly ambition.

Religion Booknotes | Summer 2016

Early stories of Jews, Christians, and Muslims; the politics of celibacy and marriage; reflections from Cardinal Kasper; afterlife and wealth in early Christianity.

'The Ransom of the Soul'

In his examination of imaginative pictures of the afterlife and the ways in which Christians disposed of their wealth, Brown traces two distinct lines of development
Credit: CNS/Paul Haring

'The Gospel of Jesus Christ'

From the Cardinal called a "clever theologian" by Pope Francis, this volume of Walter Kasper's writings characterize the nature of religious belief in late modernity
Photo by Bob Fitch

'Dorothy Day: Love in Action'

Patrick Jordan brings an ease to his subject that comes from true friendship; he weaves together his living sense of Day’s personality with major themes in her work.
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