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UPDATE: Andrew Bacevich on Bill Moyers

Update:  You can now watch Andrew Bacevich on Moyers & Company below

Two weeks ago, Andrew Bacevich’s essay “The Duplicity of the Ideologues” appeared on our site. Beginning Friday online, and on PBS through the weekend, Bacevich will be featured on Moyers & Company, where he’ll be discussing the situation in Iraq and issues of U.S. foreign policy he raised in his Commonweal piece. You can check your local listings here; in the meantime, see the preview of Bacevich’s appearance below. (And see “The Duplicity of the Ideologues” here; it’s even more worth [re]reading in light of events since it first appeared.)




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I find that guests on Bill's program are almost always very "aware" of their subject matter. I don't have to guess or dig very far to find their fact based views are correct. That is a precious thing in the USA media today. Totally under appreciated by most. That is not the case for me. Utmost respect for Bill and Judith Moyers.  If I could have my wish come true, I'd be working for them right now, and until the day I die.

Bracevich is fighting what's almost American DNA. The Republicans call it exceptionalism; the Democrats use Madeliene Albright's "indispensible nation." It's a gift/duty from God. Everyone knows the middle three letters of Jerusalem are USA. Doesn't that prove it? TR, FDR and RWR Amen.

What he does in 24 minutes with Moyers is point out that the empire has no clothes. We are celebrating the 70th anniversary of one of the times everything worked. We manage to remember that and forget all the times it didn't that Bracevich reminds us of. There is a whole academic industry devoted to the maintenance of the myth. Some of the best moments in the interview are at about the 20 minute mark, when he starts talking about the sterility of the "defense intellectuals" who haven't been to war and therefore can think of it as another tool in the bureaucratic briefcase, like treaties, status of forces agreements, trade sanctions and stern warnings.

But while Cheney is duplicitous and Kagan is a true believer in a falsehood, there is no "other side" in this country. The Democrats say and believe  Kagan's underlying assumptions. We have a chicken-and-egg problem. We need  new way of thinking about the world, but we won't get one until we realize our usual way of thinking about the world stopped working long ago and only a few, like Bracevich and Moyers, even noticed.

Cheney, McCain et al told us we woud be safer if we got rid of Saddam. We got rid of Saddam. And Osama bin Laden, too. And now they tell us the world is a more dangerous place because of the guy who ordered the attack on bin Laden. And when ISIS has been droned a bit, the world will be a more dangerous place, wait and see.


Read his books... worthwhile...along with "Legacy of Ashes"

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