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At the Table of the Lord

I have a small prayer request for the DotCommonweal community. This Saturday my son Joseph will celebrate his First Communion. His cousin (and my godson) John will do so the following day. Please pray that these two fine young men take to heart the words of Saint Augustine: "Receive what you are! Become what you receive!"



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God bless them! Hope you're doing well. --Mark

May God bless them and their parents.I had the same wibderfyk exprience 60 years ago this coming May 30th.omigod!

Peter,My prayers are with you and yours.

For all those receiving the Body of Christ for the first time, for all who prepare them for this initiation into the community of believers, for my grandaughter, Katherine Iwanowicz (born in the town of Bethlehem, New York, December 19, 1998), on her her 1st communion on May 12, 2007, we pray to the Lord.

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