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She who would be president--or not!

Palin: 'We Need to Find Out Who Was Behind' Egypt Protests, and other amazing commentsShould we send a copy of Crane Brinton's The Anatomy of Revolution or a subscription to the NYTimes?


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"We should strive to look approximately our ages so as not to confuse people!"I don't really have to strive to look my age. I have been mistaken for my kid's grandmother since he was born. Since I turned 50, I've had to use a cane occasionally, and I get the senior rate on everything without anyone even bothering to card me.I miss being cute and skinny sometimes. But I'm so darn much smarter, that I hardly miss it most days.

Jean Raber: an example to all of did you manage the smarter part?

Peggy: flaming red is not my color. Neither is blushing pink. Wrinkled and blotchy is. But thanks for thinking that I may still consider myself able to use lipstick.

Happy Valentine's Day!

"Smarter," is, of course, relative, and I make no presumptions about HOW smart.I presume I got smarter in the way most very stubborn and somewhat thick-headed people do--through dint of repeated failure from doing dumb things.Happy V-Day to you, too. Raber has already given me his speech about VD being a scam by the card and chocolate companies, but my phone company offered me 60 free minutes!

Jean R: I take it that no sympathy should be shown for the Raber view of Valentine's Day, but I want to report that yesterday passing Godiva Chocolates I noticed that the line was out the door and half way down the block--when a Hershey bar would have done just as well.

I didn't marry Raber for his romance quotient. I married him because he was kind, reliable, and not inclined to squander money or take Sunday naps on the sofa.Raber fixes plumbing, makes built-in cabinets, totes the boy to his 7 a.m. jazz band practice, makes the coffee before I get up, cleans out the cat boxes, and does the laundry. He brags to people about my cooking and accepts homemade knitwear with gratitude. That makes everyday Valentine's Day, Christmas, and Thanksgiving, so I can easily overlook his somewhat churlish attitude to these calendar observances.If I want chocolate, I buy my own. (I found dollar bags on sale at the drug store.)

Everyday Valentine's Day--must be paradise!

Living with Raber sounds a lot like the first 2 lines in this this old fundie hymn: "Every day with Jesus is sweeter than the day before. Every day with Jesus, I love Him more and more."( you, Jean; lucky you!!!