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Robert N. Bellah, in writing

Now on the website, a special package of Commonweal articles from sociologist of religion Robert N. Bellah, who died at the end of July. Bellah was a contributor to the magazine since the early 1980s, writing on such subjects as the changing nature of the relationship between religion and power; American economic competitiveness and the pastoral letter Economic Justice for All; and the implications of "the Bush doctrine." You can find it here.



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Beautiful obituary of Bellah in the NYT this morning:

His book, Religion in Human Evolution, is wonderful:

(One of the editorial reviews is from Commonweal.)

Coicidentally, the June/July issue of First Things has a symposium on Bellah's Religion in Human Evolution.

The link may require a suscription.    Hope citing First Things does not render this comment as trolling.