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Overheard in L.A.

Live from exhibit hall of the Los Angeles Religious Education Congress:

A sixty-something woman just approached a Scott Foresman representative in the booth next to Commonweal's, and asked, "You don't have any adult videos, do you?"

Maybe those critics are right, after all.


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Actually, stodge that I am, I think that some people do dress inappropriately for church especially in the hot weather.However on a positive note I wonder if "adult videos" was an awkward abbreviation for "religious education videos for adults".

In Los Angeles :) ?

Grant, go over and ask the Scott Foresman man if he's got a video of the priest who put on a Barney suit while denying Catholic doctrine at the Halloween Mass. I can't get it to download.I want to see if this is weirder than what they did at my father-in-law's fundie church. They had a toilet up on a dais (they have no altar, just a podium), and the preacher was talking about how sometimes change is necessary and painful, and while he was talking, some people were pretending to install the toilet and then they finally broke it with a sledge hammer. On purpose.Those "critics" should get out more and see what's really horrifying.

Do they have anything about dogs?The question of the week in our local religion section was, "Do dogs go to heaven?'When I told my wife, she imediately countered,"What would heaven be without dogs?'To appreciate this theology, cf. "Marley And Me;" now 70 weeks and counting on the best seller list

I remember a story about Alan Clark, Kenneth Clark's son. It seems that he was considering following his father's example and become an R.C., but there was one thing he wanted to know. Could his dog come along to heaven. The R.C. clergyman he asked said no, but a representative of the C. of E. thought it might be possible. Hence no conversion.

This post has taken a strange turn, but for animals in heaven, see Friar Jack Wintz: priest up in northern Michigan explains it this way: Our happiness in heaven is perfect, and if you can't be happy without your dog (or, in my case, the 15 cats and counting I've rescued since the fourth grade) then ... draw your own conclusions.In fact, if I've got any shot at heaven at all, it's not because I was real nice to people but because I saved a lot of hard-luck animals.

On the subject of God, dogs and heaven:A very nice book is Stephen Webb's "On God and Dogs." Webb was called some unlovely things by Eugene McCahher a few months ago on this site. Don't let that dissuade you from reading the book.

You mean, Stephen Webb, MLJ's good friend? I wonder whatever became of him...