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NPLC at 25

On March 26, the National Pastoral Life Center will celebrate its twenty-fifth anniversary with a symposium on St. Paul--featuring Peggy Steinfels, Tom Beaudoin, Cardinal Maradiaga, and Fr. Robert Schreiter--followed by a banquet honoring Commonweal contributors E. J. Dionne Jr. and Msgr. Harry Byrne, among others. Archbishop Pilarczyk of Cincinnati will preside at the post-symposium Mass, where Archbishop O'Brien of Baltimore will give the homily. Check out all the details right here.

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Next week, the Catholic Common Ground Initiative is meeting in LA to regroup and plan. I hope that Phil Murnion isn't too busy organizing an event in heaven to bless and guide both these endeavors.

"I hope that Phil Murnion isn't too busy organizing an event in heaven to bless and guide both these endeavors." If Phil Murnion is busy organizing an event in Heaven, Phil would know that one does not debate The Truth as it is "mediated through the authoritive and binding teaching of the Magisterium."

Come on, Nancy. Have some human decency. Does everything have to turn into a debating point for you? God help you, then. Msgr. Phil Murnion is a friend of many people on this blog--he started the National Pastoral Life Center, and Common Ground. He died of cancer several years ago. We miss him.

I am delighted that Msgr. Byrne is being honored - his own blog, Archangel, is always a worthy read whether I agree or not, and i commend it to all here to bookmark.He's certainly not afraid to speak his mind - a refreshing trait.I too couldn't beleive Nancy's comment. Msgr. Murnion was an outstanding churchman whose work was suported on several sides of the issues affecting the Church. I'd be less than frank if I didn' t say that his leadership is still sorely missed today.Maaybe Cathy will update us about where the "futuring" of NPLC will be headed after the Los Angeles gathering.

Tom Beaudoin is a shining light of an author, a teacher, and a believer. I am sure that his words will be appreciated.Nancy: Please keep such comments to yourself.

The point is, for those who are in Heaven, there is no debate.

Nancy, my agreement with Cathleen, Bob, and Shawn notwithstanding, please define and give some examples of "binding teaching of the Magisterium" and specific issue(s) to which your assertion relates.Also, by what/whose specific authority can you assert that "in Heaven, there is no debate"? Please cite specific paragraph(s) of the Bible, the Catechism of the Catholic Church, Code of Canon Law, papal issuance, or other authoritative teaching to this effect.Thank you.

Well, Joseph, you could refer to the Documents of Vatican II, if you do not have the time to review ALL the various documents that are part of the teaching of the Magisterium which would include Sacred Scripture as well as Sacred Tradition. In other words, ALL of the teaching of the Magisterium is true regarding Faith and Morals.As far as, "in Heaven, there is no debate", when Jesus said, "Follow Me", and "Now, I am coming to You", "And this is Eternal Life, that they may know you, the only True God, and Jesus Christ, whom you have sent," we can presume, that Jesus was talking about Heaven.

P.S., If you get to what you presume is heaven, and there is a debate, first thought, turn around.

For the love of Pete. This is not a thread about the afterlife, or debate in the afterlife, or the magisterium. Take it elsewhere.

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