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May 21 issue, now online

Did you know the controversial law recently passed in Arizona is officially called the "Support Our Law Enforcement and Safe Neighborhoods Act"? Somehow the name hasn't quite caught on. The law's passage has us arguing once again for comprehensive immigration reform in our latest editorial, "Reasonable Reform," free for all to read online.Also in this issue, Fr. Nonomen reflects on a not-so-auspicious Year of the Priest: "Bad Timing." And we have a new short story by Rand Richards Cooper (one of Commonweal's film critics), about a boyhood encounter with a priest: "Labyrinth." (Cooper explored similar territory in a 2002 essay for Commonweal -- at the bottom of "Labyrinth" you'll find a link to "One Boy's Story" and a note from the author on turning fact into fiction.)Subscribers, sign in to read Paul Lauritzen's profile of Gilbert Meilaender, renowned ethicist and "Intellectual Street Fighter." Other highlights include Robert K. Vischer's take on the Supreme Court case Christian Legal Society vs. Martinez, "Discrimination: How Dirty a Word?" Willard F. Jabusch's short take on "California's New Cathedrals," and columnist John Garvey's reflection on priestly celibacy: "Good Gift, Bad Rule."Speaking of good gifts: sign up your favorite graduate for a gift subscription to Commonweal and save $10!

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Mollie Wilson O'Reilly is an editor at large and columnist at Commonweal.



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Mollie and the editorial staff: Your editorial in the current issue is well done. If I may offer this in the spirit of constructive criticism: the USCCB also has important things to say about immigration - things that, were they more well-known among Catholics and the public, could move, even transform, the immigration issue. This recent statement by Bishop Wester, who chairs the USCCB's Committee on Migration, states some of these important views. seems clear that Commonweal and the USCCB have similar views about immigration policy - in fact, that the two of you are naturall allies. I'm suggesting that your fine editorial could have been even stronger by referencing the bishops' stance on immigration reform.

Jim -- the bishops have been very good on this issue, and very consistent too. We did reference their efforts in an editorial back in 2006 ("Immigration Reform") -- still applicable today, as is a lot of what was said about the need for reform back then (alas).

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