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Kids, raised Catholic

You’ve read installments in our series on raising Catholic kids. Now you can read responses from kids. Well, young people who were kids not so long ago and who grew up in homes where faith was a part of their lives. We’ve collected their stories on our special topic page, “Kids, Raised Catholic,” which you can find here

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I was moved to read Joanna Gardner telling us not to be too discouraged.

Young and old will find the novella A Grandfather's Dilemma ( grabs you and has you nodding your head when age finds the lessons to turn around a young man who has fallen away from his Catholic faith. The dying grandfather uses chess, judo, and hockey to demonstate that being a man dosn't mean taking advantage of the other person. A real tear jerker, you'll despise the young man at the begining of the story and love him at the end.

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