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Introducing Dr. Baumann

Never one to seek the limelight, Commonweal's editor Paul Baumann nevertheless found himself there on Saturday, gaudily attired at the graduate commencement exercises at Sacred Heart University in Fairfield, CT, where he was awarded an honorary Doctor of Humane Letters degree.

Paul Baumann - Sacred Heart University

He has not yet ordered anyone to call him Doctor in the office, but he did report that he enjoyed the day enormously, and seemed to particularly like the reception in Sacred Heart's new Linda E. McMahon Commons.

In his remarks, the editor told his audience (more than 700 graduate degree recipients and their families) that his high-school baseball squad once played a team anchored by a young Bobby Valentine, later a major league player and manager and now Sacred Heart's athletic director. Back then, recalls Paul, Valentine took advantage of some predictable pitch selection by his opponents and clubbed a towering home run. He concluded:

Catholicism has long taught that our best hope for discovering the truth is to search for it together. A lot of different voices should be welcome in our political and in our religious debates. In other words, as Catholic writers and thinkers we try to mix up our pitches. I urge you to do the same.

Congratulations to all Sacred Heart's degree recipients, in particular this one.

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Giving Cdl Burke a run for his sartorial money, eh, Baumann...?

Paul, congratulations!

David: Please note, Paul is NOT wearing the elbow length kid gloves.

Wonderful news. And now when the editor visits the homeland of his forefathers (I assume I've got the ethnicity right), he can call himself Herr Doktor, and unlike a number of other recent German Herr Doktors who have recently had to resign with red faces, he didn't need to plagiarize to do it!

Congratulations, Doctor Bauman! And thank you for steering Commonweal so well in these extremely choppy seas.

Warm congratulations, Paul! Wouldn't Aidan Kavanagh be proud! :)But I don't see here any of the verbiage used to describe the merits of the awardee. Usually isn't there a glowing paragraph in the program that introduces the candidate and says why they are unreservedly deserving of the honor? Or have I missed the link somehow?Seriously, I am curious as to what they highlighted out of Paul's career and virtues, because this is a gesture of honoring someone as an example to the graduates, isn't it? And I think it's great. Let's have all of them buy subscriptions to Commonweal right away!Also I am mindful that Sacred Heart is in the Bridgeport Diocese. Were there any congratulatory messages from the former ordinaries who have gone on to higher office: Archbishop Lori and Cardinal Egan? (OK, now my tongue is in my cheek. But it is all very interesting, isn't it.)

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