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How the U.S. Congress is Bought & Sold

Connie Bruck, who writes regularly on business and politics for the New Yorker, has a run down on AIPAC's history and influence on U.S. policy toward Israel. She points to some recent setbacks in its lobbying (on Iran, negotiations, and sanctions), but over-all she illustrates that it is a formidable influence not only in Washington but everywhere anyone runs for national office. More formidable she says than the NRA.

One congressman, who gave up, points out how hard it is to vote in the U.S. national interest when AIPAC is on your case.   "Friends of Israel" @ the New Yorker.

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This is the whole point. Where the rubber meets the road. There is hardly anyone in Congress who will speak objectively about Israel.  Jimmy Carter is being lambasted for speaking  objectively. In Germany it is a crime to deny the Holocaust. Which I can see. But to give Israel Carte Blanche in dealing with the Palestinians is irresponsible. No doubt the terrorists of today are terrible. But they learned a lot from the early zionists who bombed the leaders of any country who opposed the return of Jews to an exclusive land. 

The thorrifically sad irony is that Jews who  suffered  terrible violence are now unleashing devastating blows to many downtrodden people. Wierder than wierd. There are significant numbers of Jews are fighting to reverse this situation. But not enough. 

I recommend this site to this readership:

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