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Golden Dome Obsession

Cathy, everyone knows why there is such a fascination with Notre Dame! As Sports Illustrated once wrote: "If it weren't for football, Notre Dame would just be another nice Catholic school like Villanova." (I kid, I kid.)



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Don't know if y'all have seen the latest, but the stakes in this V-Monologues debacle just got raised. those who don't know, Fr Bill Miscamble is the former rector of Moreau Seminary. His open letter to Fr. Jenkins is going to be the shot heard 'round CSC's world.It aint just CNS flogging this, boys and girls. Seriously, with all due respect, it's time to lay aside your reactive prejudice against anything that seems too conservative and wake up to the fact that this is a legitimate, mainstream issue that cuts to the heart of the question of Catholic identity.

With all due respect to my dear friend, Greg, and to everyone else who continues to make the production of possibly the worst play ever written (Shakespeare, it ain't), I have to say that this reminds me an awful lot of the times when "bad art" got more attention because dozens of people called more attention to it.I sincerely believe if everyone had just piped down this play would have died a natural death.Now all that being said...I agreed with ND's President when he allowed the play to be produced in a classroom setting but didn't allow ND to promote or solicit funds for the production of it. I also find it appaulling that seminarians and others protest a play that haven't even seen or read. My thought on the matter is simple. See the play, critcize it for its flaws and even its lack of depth. But when you try to shut it down all you do is call more attention to it and raise the curiosities of others who didn't think about going to see it in the first place.In order to intellectually engage young collegians they need to hear both sides of the argument. Anything that forbids the discussion of the play in someways is akin to book burning.Intellectual debate lies deep within our tradition. We need to continue to honor that and I pray that we can all do so charitably and most especially in a university setting. Otherwise our universities will not simply cease being catholic, they will cease being universities.

One would have to search pretty far to see a nastier letter than Miscamble's. It becomes more devious as he appeals to his "Holy Cross brother" and then delivers slashes so deep that one has to compare to find the unkindest cut of all. With friends like this .... I suppose Miscamble will have his fifteen minutes of fame. What is worrisome is that he seems to be seeking more. A charismatic man who appears popular with his students, he seems to be looking for bigger and better. Finally, (not to dwell on this too long) what is really galling is the attribution of motive. I would think even Miscamble's supporters will shrink from his blatant ad hominem.

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