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Friendships in Israel

This article is a little bit dated, but I think the idea of these schools is too cool to let it go un-posted. This particular BBC NEWS article looks at the Max Rayne Hand in Hand School in Jerusalem where the student population is intentionally half Jewish, half Arab in order to foster fellowship among students with different backgrounds from a young age. This is one of four schools run by the Hand in HandCenter forJewish-Arab Educationwhich works to build peace between Israeli Jews and Arabs.According to the Center's website, they believe:

What happens in schools right now is critical for the future of Israel. At school, children are directly taught to uphold the values of the nation, and are indirectly socialized into groups with diverse attitudes toward Israel and its institutions. Schools also build community among the parents, teachers and neighboring families, affecting nearly every person - Jewish or Arab -living in Israel.

The Center was founded in 1997 and it should be interesting to track what kind of effects the graduates of these schools will have on the future of Israel.

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Marianne L. Tierney is a PhD student in theology at Boston College.

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This is advice that everyone nation and religion should take. But it is too genuine for most. Ted Turner who is a fierce critic of religion, had more to do with peace with Russian than John Paul II. He organized competition with athletes which was enormous in thawing relations between both countries. Bishops should spend weeks in parishes, priests should know most of their families not five or ten, theologians should be active in their parishes, etc.Great idea. Beats ineffective conferences which have little measure as to their effectiveness.

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