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A Far From Steynless Rant

The Belgian-Canadian polemicist and American resident Mark Steyn has set his face firmly against the Saracen hordes of Europe. His new jeremiad, America Alone, outlines in fearful detail the dread consequences of an over-reproducing Muslim community settled in the very heart of a post-Christian continent. Steyn's alarmist summons to arms, over simplification of complex geo-political realities, blatant appeals to nativist and xenophobic sympathies, and undiluted "redneckery" makes for disturbing reading. He is also an enthralling and clever writer who should be read for his prose and not for the cogency of his arguments. 



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He sounds like the American resident and Canadian born Richard John Neuhaus. In Neuhaus Steyn would indeed find a fellow traveler as Neuhaus did everything he could to depict the Iraqi war as a supreme Christian endeavor and an effort of good over evil.The way Bush W talked about the war and the US Godly mission, it appeared as if Neuhaus was writing the speeches. This is polemics at its deadliest. Neuhaus also amazingly wrote that the only ones who opposed the Iraqi war were members of "our morally debilitated professariat," who are "inveterate complexifiers, offering detailed analyses of the seven sides of four sided questions while declaring their achingly superior sensitivities that make them too sensive for decent company."Wonder how John Paul II and the present pope felt about being thus described.

Steyn, unlike Neuhaus, is consistently amusing.

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