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End times

Here's a helpful new site for those of us who will be "left behind."

Be sure to check the links, which include Jack Chick's tract page. Or, better yet, just go here and see how the End Times will look and don't plan any trips to Megiddo.

Our local laundromat is a distribution site for Mr. Chick's gems, and they have provided many hours of innocent hilarity on days when the attendant insists watching "Judge Judy."



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Well, seeing those made my day! Thank you SO MUCH for the experience.

This gives a whole new meaning to Chick Lit. This is the creativity that made America...?

It was not John Wilkes Booth who killed Abraham Lincoln...It was the Jesuits.Irrefutable proof awaits you at:, very scary. ;)

Laugh it up, but remember that evangelicals and fundamentalists are those whom many conservative Catholics have advocated we work with instead of "mainline" Protestants and their wiffle-waffling on abortion and gay marriage.Jack Chick may be accused of many things, but waffling is not one of them.

Is Jack Chick a real person?

Ten years ago, William Donohue published this survey of Chick publications. a Wikipedia article would seem to suggest Jack Chick is real and alive (born 1924):

Never thought I'd say this, but if the screed that is available at Chick's website is indicative of the virulent anti-Catholicism the Catholic League accuses him of, I have to say I agree with Bill D. on this one. Just as there is a market for white supremacist hate literature, there is likely, and unfortunately, a market for the religious bigotry Chick is peddling.

Bill Donohue told Stephen Colbert that the fundies and evangelicals are better now, meaning they're against abortion.I like the trains to run on time, too, but that doesn't make me want to love up to Mussolini.

"Death Cookie" remains the best of the heap.Y'all (or, as the locals would say, yuns) need to come on down here to this part of the Appalachians where preachers will go on for 30 minutes at a funeral service about Catholics and their impending damnation.

Evidently Utah is the only state that will still be voting "red" after the rapture. I think Mormons should reevaluate their position in the Republican/evangelical alliance in light of this web site and other indicia of their second class status in that alliance -- like its reception of the Mitt Romney candidacy. Whatever you can say about the Blue state of Massachusetts, it didn't reject Romney because they didn't share or even like his religious views.

Fr. Shawn, my husband's Amish relatives keep hideous engravings in their living rooms showing dissenters being disemboweled and burned, as figures with mitres and croziers look on. These pictures are pased on as family heirlooms.These things, of course, did occur during the Reformation. Apparently, they're not ready to let bygones be bygones.

Did John Paul II ever apologize to the Amish?

I doubt it. Besides, you've got to draw the line somewhere and move on.To paraphrase from "Monty Python and the Holy Grail": Let's not bicker and fight over who killed who.

Jean,Yeah, and I need to get over to the outdoor drama "From This Day Forward" in Valdese, NC, too. It's a small Waldensian community where the Piedmont meets the mountains. I bet that they have a few things to say about the Heathen Romish Papists in the play.I must say that I am glad that I have lived in NC since I was 11 because I have been able to learn the history of communities such as the Waldensians and, on a larger scale, the Moravians around Winston-Salem. I mean, Catholic folks moving into NC from longer-established Catholic regions don't know what hit them when they get a collective cold shoulder in some places.

Fr. Shawn, there's a Christian Reformed (Dutch Calvinist) community on the west side of Michigan.A Catholic couple we know lived over there and made the mistake of washing their car in the driveway one Sunday. The next day, their hose was cut into neat, six-inch lengths and stacked like cordwood on the porch with a note that said, "Honor the Sabbath and keep it holy." Interesting part of the state because central west side is largely Dutch, and a lot of Catholic migrant workers who used to do seasonal work on the fruit farms have stayed on and established roots in the past two generations. Some of the Dutch communities have welcomed them as hard-working people with good family values. Others can't get over the Catholic thing.

I would have felt very tempted to have left the bill for what it cost to purchase a new hose and a note that said, "Honor THIS!"

Yah, well, you'd have to figure out first which of the pointy-headed neighbors who like to do anonymous deeds in dark of night as self-appointed Enforcers of the Lord had done it in the first place.Our friends had two small girls, and they ended up moving away from the town.

You're very right, Jean. But would you not agree that it would very, very tempting to say "Bill 'em all! Let God sort it out."?General question to all readers here on the subject of end-times publications: Did any of you get a copy of "88 Reasons Why the Rapture Will Be in 1988" by Edgar Whisenant? That's a classic. I wonder if he'll put out a 20th Anniversary Edition.

For me, personally, many, many responses would be very, very tempting, but I'm a poor sinner, and I've found it best to avoid the occasions of sin by staying the hell away from the west side of the state.I had not heard about Edgar Whisenant's prediction! I also recommend Jack Van Impe's Web site for those who want to find the fun in the end times. Now I'm going to go read Flannery O'Connor's "Wise Blood" and calm down.

Whisenant's prediction was for the Rapture to occur during Rosh Hashanah in 1988. The booklet was distributed on college campuses throughout the South. Whisenant claimed to be a former NASA scientist and mathematician. I wonder how many math classes were bogged down with discussions over this booklet?About the western MI neighbors and people like them: I thank everyone who helped teach me that Jesus didn't encourage the calling down of fire from the heavens by ticked-off disciples.When I see the Van Impes, it makes me wonder if I ever want to go to that part of Michigan. It takes me back when my family was planning our move to Charlotte and all I knew about the town was Jim and Tammy Faye.

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