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Dunstan Thompson Rediscovered

In the mid- to late-1940s, both during and after World War II, a young American poet burst on the Anglo-American literary scene. It seemed that a new star was born.And then, a few short years later, he disappeared from view. And was forgotten.Until now. The publication of Dunstan Thompson: On the Life and Work of a Lost American Master is a marvelous act of recovery and restoration. It contains essays, memoirs of Thompson, and 16 of his poems.Why should Commonweal readers be interested? Because Thompson's disappearance coincided with his return to the Catholic faith of his childhood. His conversion involved both a rejection of the gay lifestyle he was leading and a withdrawal from the world of literary ambition.That fact alone now makes him a controversial, but also deeply mysterious, figure.Full disclosure: I am currently editing a Selected Poems of Dunstan Thompson, which will contain work from the entire range of his life. Likely publication date: 2012.



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Just ordered it, and looking forward to reading it. Thanks for the tip, Greg!

I spent a holiday with DT & an artist with Cley-nexy-the-Sea in a Norfolk seashore dwelling. He had spent time with JFK in Harvard. I was away a year from ordination;about say early70s. My ordination had been in Maynooth was OK. My ordination was in King"s Lynn; my own home town. Both DT & the artist would not agree to an english ordination. I wonder still why DT agreed an irish ordination but not an english one. I got a First in Maynooth & I entered STL course with Enda McDonagh. He said The Dove had been translated in many languages. We were in touch with Walsingham. I was at King's in London, an anglican coll.I got the George Smith Studentate was the best English degree in the University of London. I still wonder about my DT 's catholicism

Dunstan Thompson is a good writter i love his poetry.. happy to know about it



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