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Did the voters really get it right?

I know it's not the sort of thing the president or any Democrat can be heard saying, but might it be that the voters got it wrong? Or that they did a valid thing for the wrong reasons?I mean, just because the lowbrows of the Tea Party have decided that Keynesian economics doesn't make sense--that doesn't mean they're right. If they declared tomorrow that the sun rises in the West, would everyone feel too abashed to say, "That's wrong"?Just because the voters couldn't distinguish between $700 billion spent to stimulate an economy in cardiac arrest back to life and the $5 trillion of debt added over the previous eight years for two wars, tax cuts and an assortment of other wants--that doesn't mean there isn't a valid difference that needs to be pointed out and explained.Just because voters couldn't understand that health care unreformed would be a greater drag on the economy than health care reform could ever be--that doesn't mean you roll over and accept that judgment without refuting it.I, for one, am glad to see the Republicans now at least partially in charge in the nation's capital. Now they'll have to explain how they'll reduce the deficit while insisting on $700 billion of tax cuts for people at the top of the income scale. They'll need to explain how cutting the deficit now, while the economy is limping along, is consistent with getting the nation back to growth. It's never a bad thing to have carpers forced to take some responsibility.And while it's small consolation to those Democrats who bit the dust yesterday, they can know this much at least: Had they done nothing--no stimulus, no health care, no financial regulatory reform--they still would have gone down to defeat. But they'd have done it in the midst of a depression, not an anemic recovery.



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Wow. I am no saint and have spoken in the heat of the moment as well. I always regret it and try to learn to be a better man.One thing I admire about Obama is his gift of articulation and leadership. Obama acknowledged that the results were humbling. They were expressing frustration that his administration had not made progress on the economy.I think following his lead as far as interpreting results as he did is far more supportive, constructive and models how Catholics should contribute to the common good (assuming such a thing actually exists).

They say that the first thing to go in war is the truth. It is always true of politics. We don't mention it because politics is perpetual while war is not tho we seem to have very few years without war. Clinton is the only president who reduced the deficit and actually had a surplus. So they had to focus on his affairs since they had no chance going against his record. So yes it is a great thing that loudmouths get elected. Getting elected is eventually humbling. Already Paul is even talking about cooperating. We'll see. As of now change is good.

You'd have thought that with all that money spent, they could have found a way to buy a clue.That is, assuming that some people want a clue.

It is only about stuffing one's personal portfolio with campaign contributions, corporate perks, 15 minutes of fame, and a powerful slap on the back from the moneyed interests. Otherwise, these idiots shouldn't even be city councilors in any intelligent community. The lies, distortions, and false accusations will come back to haunt them, sooner or later. By 2012, we may finally wake up to discover how and by whom we were hoodwinked. The only ones who can possibly be pleased are the media who will sell many more full page ads and insidious TV commercials. A pox on their houses!

Leftists are notoriously poor losers and a lot of dumb things are being said and written right now.

"Leftists are notoriously poor losers and a lot of dumb things are being said and written right now."I find this quite humorous. In reality, most politicians are poor losers. They put much effort into getting into power, and when they lose, they can be quite nasty. Look to Christine O'Donnell's "We have won" to her "The GOP made me lose" comments. Look to "Harry Reid cheated" comments. Or, back in 2008, all the "Obama pretends he is a messiah" comments. Then you cannot begin to discuss all the lies about health care reform, the scaremongering which shows how insane the GOP became when their attempt to make Obama completely fail was itself the failure.Of course, Democrats often can be cruel to their opponents too. The reality is, again, this is what happens in politics. Read up on the fights between the founding fathers of America.

Mr. Wycliff, thanks for your reflections.Democracy is, among other things, a deliberative form of government. What distinguishes it from monarchy and oligarchy is that the people, the "demos", get to participate meaningfully in the deliberations. As a result, the people also have in a democracy "the right to be wrong".Democrats will tend to see that right exercised in this week's elections, while Republicans would be more likely to see it exercised in, for example, the 2008 elections.Mr. Wycliff's final point bears repeating: the Democrats used their 2008 victory to get things done, not simply to try to get reelected. The Recovery Act, the Affordable Care Act, and the Dodd-Frank Act are major accomplishments (even with any flaws they have), and had the Democrats done nothing else in the last two years, this still would rank as one of the most productive sessions of Congress in the last 70 years.

Two absurd thoughts:It occured to me that the US could welch on loans from our creditors. Would we have to endure some international equivalent of bankruptcy court? Then would we get seven years of having to live within our means before the credit card offers returned? Maybe Mr Bush II had it right. Let's borrow five tril or more and then default and spike the deficit spending for good. Or at least for the Dem that will succeed him.I keep hearing about how good the $700B bailout was. But you know: would we really be in a depression if every mortgage disappeared? That's a lot of income that could be put to other use. Unfortunately, nobody new would ever be able to buy a house unless they had the cash. Or maybe it would all return to a local economy.

I have out of work republican friends, who worked the census, are on unemployment, and still voted Republican. go figure.. I predict the Republican jobs agenda will be to make permanent the tax cut for the 2%.. trickle down sounds like the American mantra. I regret to say I have 2 twenty year old college grandchildren who "couldn't get to the polls'

When the media bloviating stops, we are probably going to find out that the dramatic shifts predicted for tea party influence will be less than it appears (quite apart from their ability to maneuver around the Republican congressional leadership).MSNBC has a report on Tea Party wins and losses in House and Senate. The most dramatic is that 63 % of TP candidates for House seats lost. Take a look:

". . . had the Democrats done nothing else in the last two years, this still would rank as one of the most productive sessions of Congress in the last 70 years."Indeed. So why won't people give Obama the credit he deserves? Hmm. Yes, he's a compromiser -- when it comes to social policy that is what gets things done.

Please see my comment on the "Pro-life Dems Done in by Pro-life 'Friends'" thread. I don't presume that what I say there has to be said over and over.

Please allow me to take the liberty of recommending Paul Craig Roberts's reaction to Election Day 2010. In "The Impotence of Elections," Roberts makes the following thought-provoking point, among others:"The decline of the US manufacturing work force reduced the political power of unions and the ability of unions to finance the Democratic Party. The end result was to make the Democrats dependent on the same sources of financing as Republicans."Here is the link: suggest that the columns of Paul Craig Roberts, which also appear on the Web site of Alexander Cockburns *CounterPunch*, are mandatory reading.

Gene -- Excellent article. Everybody read it.

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