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The Christic Imagination – VI

"Then the other disciple, who had arrived at the tomb first, also went in. And he saw and believed."

Fourteen hundred years later an English woman, Julian of Norwich, pondered the meaning of what she had seen years before during a night of prolonged sufferings. She concluded her account in her book, The Shewings, with these words:

And I saw full surely that ere God made us he loved us; which love was never slacked, nor ever shall be. And in this love he hath done all his works; and in this love he hath made all things profitable to us; and in this love our life is everlasting.

In our making we had beginning; but the love wherein he made us was in him without beginning. And all this shall we see in God without end.

Easter blessings Urbi et Orbi!


About the Author

Rev. Robert P. Imbelli, a priest of the Archdiocese of New York, is Associate Professor of Theology Emeritus at Boston College.

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