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Catholic blogosphere: a re-enactment

Today's post by Fr. Jim Martin over at America's "In All Things" blog is destined to become a classic: "What's THAT supposed to mean?" All characters in his re-enactment are fictional composites (I think), but they sure ring true.Prepare to LOL.

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Michael Peppard is associate professor of theology at Fordham University, author of The World's Oldest Church and The Son of God in the Roman World, and on Twitter @MichaelPeppard.



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I read it and made a comment there before reading your pointer here. Thanks for passing it on. The internet does seem to provide an outlet for a lot of frustration and even anger, especially in the comment tails of news articles and blog entries. Psychologists probably have a good handle on what's happening. It would be very interesting to read a good article by a thoughtful, articulate, and insightful psychologist on the phenomenon.

I've seem Fr.Jim abused verbally over at America's "In All things."Personbally I think the ability of individuals to hide behind anonimity (I'v e seen that at NCR) or first names enhances the incivility and vitriol on display at times.I've seen the Jesuits castigated at their web site in America as not really being Catholic.Part of the problem is so much is bound up in personal politics/ideology and hypersensitivity about one's self assured views.Probably the best thing is that fr. Martin maintains a wonderful sense of humor -which we'd all do well to emulate.

Goodness! What a wonderful piece! Another bit of uncontestable truth I suspect most of us have run into from time to time. It is unwise to fight with a good man. The chances of winning are just too remote.

Just don't forget that he's A JESUIT!

Read the comments on his post at America - most truly appreciating its humorr and applications, and just a few humorless self righteous ones.

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