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Carl Paladino's opposition to homosexuality: "Exactly equivalent to the Catholic Church"

That's kind of a scary statement given the latest comments by the Tea Party fave and GOP gubernatorial candidate for governor in New York. Paladino has a hard-earned reputation for being, let's say, mercurial, and his statements on Sunday about gays at an Orthodox synagogue in Brooklyn plus his kind-of-walkback on the "Today" show this ayem only reinforce that.I have a story on the exchanges here, and NYT coverage is here.What intrigued me, in light of our recent discussions of Catholic teaching and gay bullying and the gay marriage battle by the bishops, were these quotes from Paladino's campaign manager, Michael R. Caputo, in reference to Paladino's often sneering dismissal of homosexuals:

"Carl Paladino is simply expressing the views that he holds in his heart as a Catholic," Caputo told The Times. "Carl Paladino is not homophobic, and neither is the Catholic Church."

Caputo continued that line in remarks to CNN.

"Carl Paladino's position on this is exactly equivalent to the Catholic Church," Caputo said. "And if Andrew Cuomo has a problem with the Catholic Church's position on abortion and homosexuality, he needs to take it up with his parish priest."

Caputo may be right, but does Paladino's tone at least merit a pastoral response from someone in the Catholic hierarchy? And is his attitude representative of how many Catholics internalize -- and then express -- church teaching on/against homosexuality and gays and lesbians?


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P.S. For what it's worth -- and this is certainly somehow related to the theme we're discussing here -- I'd like to share a message I found in my email inbox when I returned from lunch. This comes from a person who gives his name, and whom I've never met. I have no idea who he is or how he happens to have my email address. His email address suggests to me he belongs to a Christian group of some sort centered in the U.K.He writes, "Dear freind, You and your partner are deluded to believe that God would just some how overlook your sin. please don't go to Hell, Please. Repent turn from your wicked ways, and Yahoshua will attone for your sins. Sodomites, efeminates, Liers ect will not enter the kingdom of God. But I hope you do."I'm rather flattered to learn that I am sinning so gloriously I merit a special call to repentance from across the ocean. Even so, I do wonder if there aren't perhaps more glorious sinners in the world to whom Christians ought to be paying attention, even as they dog the steps of boring gay couples like the one of which I'm a part.

William,About a dozen comments ago, you suggested that it would be a good time to stop. I agree. For what seems like a month but is apparently only a few days, I have repeatedly said that there are no perfectly-oriented people. Yet you continue to feel that I demonize you for your same-sex desires. I cannot take responsibility for your decision to do this.Once again, best wishes.

I wish you well, too, Kathy, and have enjoyed the conversation.

Amazing how simple logic escapes so many. The C atholic teaching follows the biblical. Homosexuals are humans, made in God's image and likeness as are all humans. Humans are not supposed to poisin their bodies with th wrong food, too much alcohol and need to work and exercise and take their 'sabbath-time" reasonably. There is no comparison between those who presumed that left-nhanded pean panship no longer a 'punishable offense" can be compared to acting out same-gender gential activity. The latter is as futile and barren as trying to write left-jhanded without an istrument. We love the person but not the non-life giving activity. It is possible with grace to life a peace--filled marriage and to live celibately and happily, desite the millions of failures around the world and history. Same goes for same-gender people- celibacy does not rule out fruitfulness and happy, healthy living. Grace builds on nature, Grace has to be given permission by our attitude, habits and healthy work, exercise and rest as is necesary for all worthwhile fully human activity. Ignorant comments from any source about marriage celibacy or genitality are to be expected but seen exactly for that they are- ignorant and cannot be attributed to the speaker's/writer's faith Tradiiton or political party or group.