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Can I have an extension?

Hello, all.I know I promised a post today on RFRA and Lee. But I ran into an unexpected delay on something else I need to get done, so I will be a day or so late!So go to the movies or watch TV--it's Friday!Sorry!Cathy 

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Cathleen Kaveny is the Darald and Juliet Libby Professor in the Theology Department and Law School at Boston College.



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You deserve a break todaaaaaaaay... but I will look forward to it! These posts haver been very helpful and a couple of us are going to discuss them given our ongoing concerns about some of the bishops' interpretations.

... and I'm still wondering about institutional precedents from other faiths' prohibitions... and the Illinois restraining order decision based on appeal to their Catholic faith of the Yep couple of the Triune Health Group

Sure, have a great time out there in sunny California while the rest of us are freezing. Respondo is in California, isn't it?

Ha! California . .. The speaker I'm bringing in next week is from California. She noted that it's supposed to be 0 degrees in SBN on Monday.

So... should we expect any mention of HHS in the Inaugural (!!!)... and what about the bleseers-in-chief???

Prof. Kaveny - take a gander at MSW's reply. Just love his take that if only the administration had explaiined this they way you do, he would not have had the same issues.Really, MSW - would suggest that his opinionated approach; inability or something in terms of the vast volume of folks who drill down on this, unwillingness to see this as something other than just a *catholic* issue takes my breath away. It also makes me question MSW's ability to advocate, opinionate, etc.

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