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BTW, the name "Halo" is already taken.

John Paul the Great University in San Diego is advertising itself on Facebook as the "Catholic Gaming School." Endorsed as "authentically Catholic" by the Cardinal Newman Society, the university is offering a degree in computer gaming design. Students will:

"Design, build, and demo your own game in front of industry professionals

Have the opportunity to launch your own gaming company in conjunction with JP Catholic's MBA program.

Study in an authentically Catholic environment with peers who share your faith."

My 13-year old son was very excited, until he saw the daily mass link on the page. "Is that mandatory?" he asked. "Can't I just go to weekly mass?"So DotCommers, let's see some ideas for "authentically Catholic" video games. I'm rooting for "Athanasius," where you play the 4th century bishop as he travels through theMediterranean combating the Arians. I'm sure it would give World of Warcraft a run for its money...



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What could be more exciting than Paul's Missionary Journey 1, Paul's Missionary Journey 2, and Paul's Missionary Journey 3? (Separate games of course...we're talking profits here, not souls.) Stirring special effects for the conversion on the Road to Damascus, treacherous voyages on the Mediterranean, numerous imprisonments and daring escapes, the composing of iconic epistles, escapes by the skin of the teeth from hostile Gentiles and Jews, and, lest we forget, a knock down, drag out confrontation with Peter and his Jerusalem gang about the, gulp, rated-M-for-Mature topic of circumcision. $39.95 today ONLY for PMJ 1 ... free shipping and handling if you order before 7 p.m.

How about "Natural Family Planning?" Of course, the odds of losing will be quite high.

Software development for NFP has already been done. All that's needed is the display and controller parts, after some creative thought about just what it is you want to display and control. Only $399:

I predict war games from these American Catholics, regardless of the Pope's objections.Check out this screenshot from the game, Medieval: Total War 2:

What a bitter (old), cynical bunch you guys are.This would be a cool way to reach the younger generation and there are plenty of historical epics within the Church history to choose from. Perhaps Chesterton's fav, the battle of Lepanto would be a good scene. Or a Sim type, civilization builder.

Or a computer game like "Conclave Dash" , an exciting time management adventure where we help Flo navigate forty increasingly challenging levels to redecorate the Sistine Chapel and help the Cardinals choose a Pope.


*** Evangelizing the Extraterrestrials *** Explore, conquer, and convert like the old days "2. The pilgrim Church is missionary by her very nature " - Vatican II Ad Gentes

"Hide the Perp'... Multi-lingual, multi-cultural, multi-institutional software available.

Yes, Brett, I am old. What's your problem?

My daughter is a gamer and saved up for Skyrim which contains allusions to dark sacraments, alchemy. It is a kind of Lord of the Rings styled medieval fantasy. Incredible what they can do with games now. would suggest the Arian revolution. You could have peasants fighting the establishment over the divine nature of Christ as they battle their way to Rome to settle the dispute with the Pope.

How about the Thirty Years War? It would include torture, hanging, burning at the stake, drawing nd quartering, battles,famines, disease, Catholics killing Protestants, Protestants killing Catholics, Protestants killing Protestants. The fun would be endless.(Intrinsic evil, anyone?)

They should make a game called The Committee. You are a member of the liturgy committee at a parish. Your mission is to drive the pastor insane. Your tools are liturgical dance, Life Teen mass, and repeated performances of On Eagles' Wings.

"Authentically Catholic" games don't have to be constrained to centuries past in Europe and the MidEast, I hope. Out on those many real planets now being discovered, imagine 100 Geneses, each suitably adapted to the local planetary flora and fauna. The game is to evolve each independently (civilization building, as Brett suggested) until they become capable of interacting with each other. Then, missionaries go forth to proselytize, each with his or her traditional theology and methods, and the ecumenizing proceeds. Evil is virtual, not intrinsic, and may therefore be subject to variations with which we are not familiar. Criteria for winning and losing require further work.

Pilgrimage.Meet strange fellows along the way, form groups with them to travel more safely, they might have strange powers, some might be saints, or they might be thieves and murderors. When you meet people in need, you might try to help them but it would cost you time and resources, or you might gain some spiritual benefits that would make you stronger for the next task, but you have to decide how much time you're going to spend with those without knowing what the result will be; or thy might be traps, of course.The goal is to make it to Compostella alive.

Mario(Luigi Ciappi)Kart

Joan of Arc's military campaigns were made into a pc game fifteen years ago.And there was a 3d jigsaw puzzle software of Notre Dame de Paris that included an adventure through the interior with puzzles embedded in the stained glass and other architectural features.Heaven & Hell(?) was like sim city, but you had to balance the two worlds. Not particularly Catholic, but it was amusing. Every once in a while a Handbasket would ravage Heaven, carrying things off to the netherworld. Maybe it was called Afterlife. That was the name of something.I am sure if anyone came up with a good idea, like Claire's Pilgrimage, some software developer would be interested.

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