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Bishop Sheridan At It Again

His voice, along with the voice of a Republican candidate running against a prolife Democrat, is calling Colorado voters at home this election season, urging them to vote against rights for same sex partners, e.g. urging them to vote Republican.

CBS News has the story



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In iur diocese, with a centrist Bishop, no endorsements of an individual is permitted - Catholics are urged to consider the issues in faithful Citizwnship.Sheridan's diocese should lose its tax exemption!

I'll be glad to sign a petition from any source that urges the IRS to investigate the tax status of Sheridan's diocese.The sooner a few of these idiots are hit in their pocketbooks, the better.

As important as those issues are, they are not the only important issues. Also, while one of the parties claims to be against abortion, etc. it has become clear over the past decade that in fact they are not (at least not enough to do anything about it). So no pun intended, but the bishop seems to have put his flock into a sort of damned if you do, damned if you don't situation.

When will somebody explain to the good bishop (who I assume has some theological training) that voting for a person who supports an intrinsically evil action is not the same as voting for the action itself? That it can be considered remote material cooperation at best? And that voting for some Democrat whose election will do nothing to affect abortion rates (and actually amy reduce them, as we found out in the Clinton era) can be a lot less perilous to one's immortal soul than voting for a torture-supporting Republican, especially if one does not regard torture with the moral gravity it deserves? Your turn, Bishop Sheridan...

Anna:Am I missing something? When I click on the link you provided, I am taken to an article from way back in 2004. Is this the piece you wanted to point to? Or did Bishop Sheridan say or do something more recently?

It seems it is from 2004. I checked and could not find any 2006 news references to Sheridan.

Donna, go to the website of the Colorado Catholic Conference and click on "Bishop Statements" where you will find what one must only presume is Sheridan's current stance on the issue (I saw no date, hence my "presume").

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