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Autumn in New York

If anyone is in the Bronx and bored this afternoon, I'm giving a lecture at Fordham, entitled "Voting, Religious Liberty, and the Common Good."It's co-sponsored by Commoweal, as well as the Theology Department at Fordham, as well as the Curran Center for Catholic Studies.It's not Stephen Colbert and the Cardinal. . . but I hope it will be an interesting conversation.


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I live about a 10 minute train ride away from Fordham, but the notice was too short to come down. Will you be in town a bit? Please e-mail me if so! Hope the talk went well!

Is there any chance it might be posted on the Fordham website? (or perhaps on the Commonweal website!).I wish I could have heard it; as I would also like to hear the forthcoming discussion at Fordham on "Obama's targeted killing program," meaning primarily the drone strikes, and perhaps more.