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All-Catholic VP debate livestream / viewing party / open thread.

You can watch a livestream of the debate below. If you want to follow along with the comment thread, I suggest opening this page in another tab, and reloading it regularly to keep up with the conversation.


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Wait? Another last question? And must I answer as a human being?

"Honesty. Wait, *no one else*?" Oh.

And if you were a tree, what kind of tree would you be?

Answer: AS A MAN! she said.

OK, this is really the final last statement, kiss my foot, no erasies.


On the heartbeat-away metric, I think Ryan fails.

Martha, Thank you, thank you, thank you.... And you Joe.

Wow, she was great.

I think Ryan's flag was spinning there for a moment.

Yep. Winner is Martha, nosing out Biden.

Mrs. Ryan doesn't kiss and hug Mister R; the Bidens clutch.....

This vice-presidential debate made women look flaky. Thanks a lot, Martha.

Smirking kid in chair. Who he? A Biden probably.

A couple of really dumb questions in the home stretch, but overall, super job Raddatz. Moderator for life.

One of the many Ryan kiddos I think. Now I'm off to pitch a HuffPo essay about how it's so interesting that Ryan's young family has not been a topic of discussion unlike certain other VP candidates with small children in years past.

I think you should pitch that to Get Religion.

CNN is fact-checking. Then will give results of instant poll about who won.

Like an umpire, if the moderator makes a significant impression on you, she probably did not do a good job. She was too interested in calling attention to herself. Didn't have the confidence the job requires, which would have enabled her to be comfortable to let the candidates have the max time to present their views.

Yeah no. (You forgot to mention her plunging neckline, btw.)

Yeah? No? Plunging neckline?

He's calling you a sexist, Mark. Obviously, if you thought a woman didn't do something well, you're a sexist.

Ohhhhhh, thanks for the translation, Kathy! Grant, next time, if you are going to respond to something I said, why not actually, well, respond to what I said.

As a woman, I'm allowed to ask whether Raddatz might possibly be a Democrat.

The crazy thing is, both Biden and Ryan did reasonably well (though Biden was too reminiscent of Gore) so that the loser is, by comparison to the other 3 debaters, once more,...President Obama.

CNN's poll says Ryan won 48% to Biden 44%.

A wash. Blustery boss and earnest young manager. Was there a moderator?

I would have liked more extensive debate on the growing drumbeat for military action against Iran. We are already in two very unpopular wars; one war was launched when a President wrongly told the American people that Iraq had WMD. We get there- oops, no WMD- but we stay for years fighting anyway. We waged war in Afghanistan ostensibly to catch bin laden, we''re still there even though bin Laden left years ago and when we did catch him it was in another country.I think those who want military action against Iran need to carefully explain to us, among other things, why it wouldn't be another phantom WMD debacle.

I didn't try to read and watch; I'm too old for that (though kudos to my friend Ann Olivier who is older than me and can do with aplomb!).Joe Biden is every dad in the neighborhood where I grew up (even though the guy's only 10 years older than me), so I love the guy, especially when he says "mallarkey," which is code for the more earthy verbiage I heard as a kid. I think Ryan dodged specifics when pressed (especially on Iranian bomb), and expects voters to trust in Romney's track record in Massachusetts (where he is losing) to work with a deeply divided and partisan Congress. His parsing the difference about leaving Afghanistant in 2014 was unintelligible.The question about both men's religion was unforgivable. Ask them about abortion if you want, but making Catholicism an issue made me want to jump through the TV and smack Martha. Why not ask Mitt if any of his policies will be driven by his expectation of inheriting a planet when he dies?In a more academic vein, pundits on PBS noted that Biden's passionate (blustery?) TV style fits an older generation better, while Ryan appeals to a digital audience with his cooler (reptilian?) style?I dunno. I'm not sure I can trust a guy who can't control his kids. It was his brat who was sitting in the VP chair smirking as if to say, "This chair belongs to MY Daddy."

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