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All-Catholic VP debate livestream / viewing party / open thread.

You can watch a livestream of the debate below. If you want to follow along with the comment thread, I suggest opening this page in another tab, and reloading it regularly to keep up with the conversation.


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Hmm. Biden is en fuego.

Ryan: Movie Star, Hedge Fund Guy..... For President.

Specific: close loopholes and deductions for highest income people.

Grant GallichoRe: "Biden is killing it right now. Ryan looks dramatically overmatched." During the Obama debate you wrote that Obama was doing allright. Now you must be wearing a blindfold and earmuffs. Except for one well delivered, impassioned statement Biden is blustering and by interrupting hie is making a fool of himself. Biden is overmatched, period.

Navy smaller than it was before WW 1? Really?

When MSNBC cuts to Chris Matthews tonight, this is what I imagine viewers will see:

U: And they only had row boats.

Here's your Politifact debunker on the smallest-navy story.

Ryan playing hard for the WI vote.

Did Ryan just call Afghanistan a failure?

Ryan: 2014: Let's lie to our allies and fool our enemies.

Is it too early to declare Raddatz the winner of this debate?

Biden: Martha, you be straight with me!

Thanks Paul: enlighten us.

Biden takes over military discussion. Ryan seems not to know much abou t he facts.

Agreed: the calendar works the same every year.

Agreement! The calendar works the same every year.

Agreement! Peggy and Grant! Would you believe it?

Yes. Speak up and explain, with specifics, on any topic/proposal.

FACT CHECK: Calendar does NOT work the same every year. Every four years we have a leap year.

It's fun to watch their blink rates.

Is he linking alleged failure of "Russia re-set" to a rise in Al Qaeda?

Biden explains the difference between our action in Libya and inaction in Syria. Sounds knowledgeable.Ryan says we should get rid of ASsad. Gives no specific plan as to how.

Paul, What should we do about Syria?Biden, What would you do?Martha, What would you do?

Ok, now Ryan is smirking.

Obama said that Assad had to go a year ago, yet he is still there. QED

Calendars: Is there a leap year in the Middle East? I'd be surprised.

Strategic security interest, humanitarian, credibility -- what are the criteria?

Self-declared historic: RELIGION!!! ABORTION! EMOTIONAL! BE PErSONAL... really Martha...cute

Will he say "subsidiarity"?

I was told there would be no abortion politics.


Beans are good for you.

The Cuomo maneuver.

Now I agree with Margaret. "We're talking about abortion, so if it's not Oprah it's inappropriate."

Does Martha know that Paul Ryan's abortion policy does not reflect Catholic teaching?

OMG: Another Catholic on the Supreme Court. Like Scalia!!

Yes, once you're drawing a line between "principle" and "policy" the "how does your faith inform your politics" framing is not so useful.

Embarrassed??? Who me?

Oh that is a TERRIBLE last question. It's not the "tone" that should embarrass candidates. It's dishonesty.

It's true de fidei. But not true for everybody.

Kind of a pointless question, but to the extent that it allows a closing statement, OK.

When Ryan said, "Assad has killed tens of thousands of his own people!" I had a flashback to the run-up to the Iraq war, when we kept hearing that Saddam Hussein was evil because he had killed his own people. Of course he was evil, but he was a Sunni Arab, and other Sunni Arabs were his own people. Most of the Iraqis he killed were Kurds and Shiites. I strongly suspect that Assad is going out of his way to AVOID killing his own people. What Americans, especially the neocons, never have understood is that in that part of the world, tribal loyalties outweigh national boundaries. You can't create an artificial country, as the European and American colonial powers did for centuries, and expect that everyone within those borders will start getting along even if their tribes have been warring with each other for centuries.

Both Martha and Biden seem a little sleepy right now.

Final question: What is it going to take to make you cry?

Ryan is lying about insurance again.

Speeches. Leadership. Proven record. No settling.

Speeches vs. leadership. He's got a point there.

Not really.