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I agree with much of what Fr. Andrew Greeley writes in “Signs of Life” (August 15), except for his depiction of “fallen-away Catholics.” He lists many reasons why Catholics leave the church, but he ignores the continued abuse of power by popes and bishops.

For the past five years, I have attended monthly meetings of Voice of the Faithful in an Episcopal church—we were forbidden to meet in our own parishes by Cardinal Bernard Law. In 2004, I was horrified to hear a few bishops discuss denying Holy Communion to John Kerry; one even asked Catholics who vote for prochoice politicians not to receive Communion. After I wrestled with my conscience and prayed for guidance and direction, I voted for Kerry and began receiving the Eucharist in a local Episcopal church, where “any baptized Christian is welcome to receive Communion.”

Catholic bishops are again interfering in the 2008 election. Douglas Kmiec, a prolife Catholic Republican, was denied Communion in April because of his public support for Barack Obama. Cardinal Sean O’Malley of Boston was recently quoted in the Boston Globe saying he couldn’t understand how any Catholic could vote Democratic.

As a seventy-four-year-old cradle Catholic, I object to Fr. Greeley’s reference to “lost sheep.” It was not...

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