Daniel Callahan & Bioethics

In the summer of 2003, the renowned bioethicist Daniel Callahan testified before President George W. Bush’s Council on Bioethics, which was gathering material for a...

Forever Young

 The “Ashley Treatment”-a series of medical procedures performed at Seattle Children’s Hospital in 2004 on a profoundly mentally and physically disabled six-...

Answered Prayers

Debora Spar is a professor at the Harvard Business School who has studied the evolution of Internet technology from early, anarchic beginnings into a more...

Altered States

More than a year after the death of Terri Schiavo, discussions about her case remain highly polarized. What principles should guide decisions about people who...

On the Cutting Edge

The contemporary literature of bioethics, although vast, can often make for unsatisfactory reading. It tends to place too much emphasis on patient autonomy,...

When Does Life Begin?

My esteemed Notre Dame colleague, John Finnis, will receive the third annual Paul Ramsey Award for Excellence in Bioethics from the Center for Bioethics and Culture...

Caring at the End

The old adage that hard cases make bad law is often true, but it is also true that hard cases can help crystallize fundamental moral issues. Thus, at the risk...

Religion & Science

From the Terri Schiavo controversy to the stem-cell debate to the conflict over intelligent design, 2005 was rife with contentious issues that portrayed...

After Kass

On October 1, Leon Kass stepped down as chairman of the President’s Council on Bioethics. Kass was succeeded by one of the “founding fathers” of modern bioethics,...


I am suspicious enough of the Disney empire to feel skeptical that it will prove an ally in the moral education of my new son. Take Disney’s Pinocchio. In this...

Misleading Photos

It was an arresting photograph: President George W. Bush holding a baby, and surrounded by children, all of whom began life as “excess” embryos...
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