The Last Word: High-interest Loan

The Hildesheim Cathedral in Germany is undergoing major renovation and has sent some of its most beautiful medieval objects to New York.

Painting the Jewish Jesus

The image of a Jewish Jesus hanging on a Cross still gives pause to both Jews and Christians.

Old Masters, New Digs

After an extensive renovation and reinstallation, the Met's European paintings galleries reopened in May. The collection now has fully one-third more space.

The Last Word: Take & Eat

How the apple, rather than the grape or the fig, became the fruit in the Garden of Eden is complicated, involving pagan Greek mythology and folklore.

Gained in Translation

The medieval manuscripts currently on view at Manhattan’s Jewish Museum in Crossing Borders: Manuscripts from the Bodleian Libraries are stunning in their beauty....

Surface Tensions

For a generously bearded, self-styled “prophet” of Paris’s Belle Époque, Edouard Vuillard has a disappointingly uneventful biography. No...

The Art of Dying

In the early thirteenth century, Bishop Huge of Lincoln paid a visit to the abbey of Fécamp in Normandy. Ostensibly at least, his purpose was to venerate the relic...

Birth of a Nation

Last October the Metropolitan Museum of Art opened its new and expanded Islamic galleries to widespread critical acclaim—“as intelligent as it is resplendent,”...

The Wounded

The end of the draft marked the beginning of the military as a subculture. Art about and by the army has worked to bridge the newly widened gap between soldiers and...

Portals of Faith

The reopening, after eight years, of the Islamic galleries at New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art has brought considerable fanfare. Aware perhaps that some...

Mourners or Bridesmaids?

Detail, wall painting from the Temple of the Palmyrene Gods, Dura-Europos, ca. 239 CE, © 2011 Yale University Art GalleryIn 1931, a team of archaeologists...

View Finders

A photograph often tells more about who was behind the camera than what lies in front of it. From its invention in 1839 in the workshops of Louis Daguerre and Fox...
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