Kill Chain

Andrew Cockburn's 'Kill Chain' examines the disastrous political effects of the U.S. military's targeted assassination practices--and the true motives behind them.

Soft Thinking, Hard Problems

The Obama administration's 2015 National Security Strategy is a revealing document, even if it reveals through inadvertence.

Unfriendly Skies

Polls show that the vast majority of Americans do not want armed drones circling their own neighborhoods. Who could blame us for not wanting to be taken out by a...

From a Distance

War is war and murder is murder. The law draws the distinction. The American armed drone is a weapons system of war, not of policemen. And even if it were a police...

Hide & Seek

If you knew only the plots of Argo and Zero Dark Thirty, you might conclude that they are sibling movies. Both are based on actual events—respectively, the rescue...

Imperial Illusions

On the morning of October 9, 2009, Barack Obama learned that he had been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. That afternoon, in an irony that would probably not have...

Campaigns Touch Briefly on Wars

Politics tends to wring all seriousness out of speech. Sometimes this is a demonstration of unforgivable ignorance. Republican vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan...

The Paranoid Pentagon

The disclosure that current U.S. drone warfare operations are directed from the presidential office in the White House, with the president himself selecting persons...

The Wounded

The end of the draft marked the beginning of the military as a subculture. Art about and by the army has worked to bridge the newly widened gap between soldiers and...

Leaving Iraq

It was not supposed to end this way. Although President Barack Obama deserves credit for bringing an end to the war in Iraq that he inherited, if he had had his...

Leaving Afghanistan

The Afghan government's order a week ago to the United States to close its prison at Bagram Air Base near Kabul, where it holds unidentified prisoners, came as a...

Below the Law?

Should the president of the United States be able to authorize the assassination of a U.S. citizen anywhere in the world without telling the public why—or...
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Kill Chain

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Imperial Illusions

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