Northward Bound

Lawrence painted what he saw and what he knew: strivers and beggars, children and prostitutes, gamblers and preachers, and above all women, like his mother.

Prisoner's Dilemma

How do we shift national conversations about mass incarceration and disinvestment in public education so that the public sees the connection?

'American Sniper'

Clint Eastwood's 'American Sniper' has provoked criticism from both right and left. It's awash in patriotic spirit, it glorifies war. It's also a pretty bad movie.

Poem | After Reading 'A Week on the Concord and Merrimack Rivers'

One day, he stood, perfectly still, / as if at prayer, / then broke and flew / toward his/ endless / blue freedom...

Letters | Migration—Winged & Otherwise

Readers write in about Archbishop Cupich, the charitable tax deduction, 'Birdman', and La Posada shelter for migrants.

Letter from Rome

This Lent, Francis celebrates the 50th anniversary of first vernacular Mass said by a pope; one of Rome's most dynamic pastors retires; forgetting Panama's cardinal.

Tall Orders

Seminaries have four to five years of post-college priestly formation to train men to be leaders of the small “corporations” that parishes have become.

'Spiritual Assault'

In the trenches of parish life, I am aware of how an ecclesiastical environment that produces wounded people can lead to a community's unraveling.

Inside the Seminary

Any college-aged man entering a Catholic seminary during the ongoing crisis of the priestly sexual-abuse scandals does so with a certain amount of self-...

Letter from Rome

The Holy See has publicly dealt with four bishops for committing abuse or trying to cover it up. But there has been no transparency on their status or whereabouts.

Hidden Behind Words

Does language shape character and culture, or is it the other way around?

Poem | The Wounded Angel

This happened long ago when blood / root bloomed, the dazed spring still / holding onto makeshift railings // We sloshed around winter's old fields...
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