Abe's Second Chance

Vowing to pull the nation out of the economic doldrums, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has managed to maintain the support of a still wary public.

Writing a Life

How should a fair-minded biographer deal with a literary subject’s “sensational underside,” and when does that endeavor turn into "pathography"?

Room at the Font

From 2005 to 2010 adult baptisms fell by 41 percent. Those losses were masked by a gain in adult receptions into full communion; then those totals began to fall too.

Deluge & Delusion

Aronofsky, a master of misery, is very much in his element as he envisions the sinful self-destruction of nearly the whole damned human race.

Poem | The Devil's Delusion

I lie on my back in the lawnchair to study / the trees claw up toward heaven. / They have all the sap I lack.

Poem | Witness

Typically cryptic, God said three weasels / slipping electric over the rocks / one current conducting them up the tree ...

Last Word: Living Witness

How do you tell a vocation director you’re scared that the life you feel called to may be dying?

Letters | Unbelief, Just War, Celibacy

Readers respond to stories on Nietzsche, just-war pacifists, and other recent pieces.

When Obamacare Was 'Doomed'

That the ACA hit its sign-up goal ought to give everyone pause over how reckless its opponents have been in making instant judgments and outlandish charges.


The evangelistic fervor of its producers is evident throughout 'Son of God,' but so is bombastic filmmaking lacking in any nuance or freshness of approach.

Letters | The Amish, Obamacare, Bad Vows

Letters from readers on our stories about the Amish, the Affordable Care Act, and the nature of vows.

Radical Amazement

The most profound experience of art, or of worship, or of serious desire, involves us in something that is not limited by our own perception.
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